Selected Clips

Insight into Insect Pain—and Scientific Research

Undergrad Daniel Caron discovers how some insects sense and respond to pain, and may have created a new model for scientists

The Dallas Morning News
After battling imposter syndrome, a young Dallas scientist encourages more women to enter science

Perot Museum paleontologist Myria Perez says failure is a part of the scientific process.

The Conversation
Eating royal poop improves parenting in naked mole-rats

Hive-minded naked mole-rats work together to care for the queen’s offspring, and eating her poop gives them hormones to boost nurturing instincts.

Massive Science
Gender bias is all too real-and dangerous-in the doctor’s office

The Netflix film ‘Brain on Fire’ underscores, yet again, the need to rethink diagnostic protocols.

The Dallas Morning News
Paleontologists at SMU discover baby dinosaur jawbone in northern Alaska

The tiny jaw fragment supports the idea that some meat-eating dinosaurs actually lived north of the Arctic Circle year-round and had the resources to thrive.

The Dallas Morning News
UT Southwestern scientists investigate pneumonia drug as possible COVID-19 treatment

Known for its use in HIV patients, atovaquone may soon be tested on coronavirus patients.

The Dallas Morning News
How you can supercharge your brain from the comfort of your home

The Center for BrainHealth is studying whether training can lead to long-lasting changes to the brain.

The Boston Globe
Why we need more scientists in government

Imagine a cabinet where all members are scientists.

Massive Science
Sexual pleasure might help us learn-if rats are any guide

New research suggests that opioids released during sex improve rats’ performance.

Massive Science
These corals love the warming oceans

Japanese coral communities are expanding in response to warming temperatures, but the effects could be disastrous.

Countering the negative effects of a common antidepressant

A depression medication carries a small risk for pregnant women of adverse side effects on their children’s development. Now a Tufts team might have found a way to counter these effects in fruit flies

The Dallas Morning News
How the local Girl Scouts help kids without internet learn science

The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas delivered camp activity kits to girls’ doorsteps to help them feel connected.